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Why Should You Submit A Press Release?

Press release distribution is advantageous for many reasons. In many cases, press releases are ignored by web marketers. When handled with care, however, they can be a valuable source of increased site traffic.

#1 Benefit: Ensure search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a matter of constructing back links. In most cases, a professional-level press release features embedded links in its body text. The selection of anchor texts is wholly up to the marketer and back links are obtainable from well-known and reputable news web sites. Remember, these are often ďauthority sitesĒ with high-numbered page rankings. Publication on one of these sites automatically infers a relationship between their organization and the internet marketerís brand, also helping to strengthen the credibility relied upon by consumers. Ultimately, that growing collection of back links will send search ranking ever upward.

#2 Benefit: Establish and grow credibility and trustworthiness.

Itís not necessary to tarnish worthwhile brands by associating them with questionable sites. Instead, connecting to respected news sites helps establish an internet company or brand as legitimate, trustworthy and respectable. Trust is the single most important factor when it comes to building an online presence. A lack of trust equals a lack of sales.

#3 Benefit: Enable direct company promotion.

Article-based marketing doesnít allow for company promotion in its body directly. A press release, however, suffers from no such limitations. Marketers can outline the competitive advantages they enjoy, they can appeal directly to consumers with problem-solving offers and subsequently lead them to their website and all it has to offer. This is an especially meaningful aspect of press release distribution in that it allows for the inclusion of unique discounts or promotional offers. For example, as the launch of a new product nears its target date, the corresponding press release could include a coupon redemption code for a 10% discount off the initial price, an offer which will direct customers to the web marketerís site for purchase. This helps ensure the purchase (and hopefully, any subsequent business) takes place at the originatorís site and not one of his competitors. This feat simply cannot be accomplished with marketing thatís article-based.

#4 Benefit: Simplify target-audience outreach.

Press release marketing allows businesses to target specific categories, each of them mapped to a related or niche-specific news site. Dentists, for instance, can choose dentistry-related categories, a choice that helps drive a greater number of specialized users from closely-related sitesóa practice thatís significantly more difficult when working with non-specific directories.

#5 Benefit: Remember, time is of the essence.

The innate timeliness of online news articles make them consistent attention-getters. Professional editors, journalists and others in media are always scouting for compelling, original content. After distribution of a press release, itís not unusual for recipients and readers to reach out with questions and requests for interviews and information. For this reason, press release distribution is a valuable and powerful practice, offering unique opportunities for networking, increased exposure and improved outreach for the internet marketer.

With all of that in mind, try us out today, order a press release submission here.

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